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welcome to Brood.

Welcome to the old Brood website.

We have a brand new site launching during the summer of 2018. Check back over the next few weeks to see what's happening.

There are many agents, just as there are many actors. Finding the right representation is a bit like dating. If you are lucky you meet the right person early on. Sometimes, however, it takes a while to get to the right situation.

Brood was established in 2003, by Brian Parsonage Kelly, who has spent most of his life working across show business. From a handful of clients, the agency has grown to the size it is today, and our eyes are always open for new talent.

Our clients have achieved success right across the Industry, from Hollywood movies, to Television, to Theatre, Musical Theatre, UK films, TV commercials, in Voiceovers, modelling, Cruises, Touring, Opera, you name it.

An agency's reputation is built on its clients, so choosing the right clients is crucial. We occasionally sign clients straight out of drama school and always welcome applications from established actors. We will often ask applicants to audition for us before taking the decision to make an offer.

We represent a broad range of clients from many backgrounds, all the drama schools, and some non-drama schools alike. We believe if you have TPF (talent, personality and focus), you could be right for us.

It's important to remember that show business is a business. If you are thinking of applying to us, we will look at your application in terms of how it is presented and whether we think the Industry needs what you can offer.

Our approach to this Industry is, we hope, down to earth. We care very much about our clients and are proud of their every achievement.

Employers. Do feel free to contact us for a confidential conversation about anyone we look after.

Prospective clients. Please look at our "Join Us" page and apply accordingly.

Remember you can get the latest news from the Brooderie on Twitter. Give us a follow @broodlondon.

Brood is a member of the Personal Managers' Association.

You can follow us on Twitter - @broodlondon

Last Updated: July 2018

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