Please take care during the Covid 19 crisis. We are all in awe at the sacrifices and efforts of everyone in the NHS, the essential services and the scientists, who are doing their best to see us through these challenging times. Below is our latest client news, as at Spring 2020.

Riad L Richie recently finished his run of The Whip at the Royal Shakespeare Company, and was about to appear in the cast of Museum in Baghdad,  which was to transfer to The Kiln.
Riad L Richie
Anna Marcello Earlier this year, the movie No Rumour, my Lord (Credo in un solo Padre), was released in Italy. Anna plays a woman who is subject to psychological and  physical abuse by her absent husband's father. At the 2019 Monte Carlo Short Film Festival, Anna won the award for Best Italian Actress working internationally
Anna Marcello
Cal Chapman Before lockdown Cal worked on the short film, In One's Right Mind. Earlier in the year Cal played Antonio in Twelfth Night at Greenwich Theatre.
Cal Chapman
Aimee Keenan came to the end early of her international tour as lead singer in Rhythm of the Dance, unfortunately having to return from the USA.
Aimee Keenan
Colin Hubbard Following his run in Aladdin at the Castle, Wellingborough, Colin was to appear in a commercial for a major supermarket, which we hope will be shot at some point, and had a touring job lined up. As a professional voiceover artiste, Colin is available for work which can be recorded in his home studio, and as another string to his bow, Colin helps other actors with their showreels.
Colin Hubbard
Roze Elisa Earlier in 2020 Roze appeared as Viola in Twelfth Night at Greenwich Theatre.
Roze Elisa
Chris McLeish Following playing Jesus over Christmas in A New Star, Chris was working towards an Easter outdoor passion play, which unfortunately had to be cancelled.  
Chris McLeish
Chris Keyna can be seen playing a Stable groom in a commercial for Paddy Power. Earlier in 2020 Chris appeared in the opera Fidelio at the Royal Opera House. Chris is also a professional voiceover artiste with a home studio - very useful during lockdown.
Chris Keyna
Aidan Parsons Earlier in 2020 Aidan appeared in the opera, Fidelio, at the Royal Opera House. Aidan can also be seen in a video for pop band 'Coral Blues'.
Aidan Parsons
Teddie Peyton appeared in a public information video for the charity, Advance, who promoteawareness of issues around domestic violence.
Teddie Peyton
Luke Harden was looking forward to appearing as an actor in Elektra at the Royal Opera House - a production which had to be cancelled.
Luke Harden
Abey Bradbury The Maryland Cookies commercial which Abey was in last year was re-shown in the early months of 2020.
Abey Bradbury
Stephen Wale Before lockdown Steve also worked on the music video for Personal Shopper by Stephen Wilson.
Stephen Wale