Please take care during the Covid 19 crisis. We are all in awe at the sacrifices and efforts of everyone in the NHS, the essential services and the scientists, who are doing their best to see us through these challenging times. Below is our latest client news, as at Spring 2020.

Yves Heck can be scene in the next series of Call my Agent, the successful French comedy series on Netflix.
Yves Heck
Claudette Williams With not so many films coming out this year, it was good to see The Colour of Spring being released this summer. Claudette shot the movie late last year.  
Claudette Williams
Chris Keyna can be seen playing a Stable groom in a commercial for Paddy Power. Earlier in 2020 Chris appeared in the opera Fidelio at the Royal Opera House. Chris is also a professional voiceover artiste with a home studio - very useful during lockdown.
Chris Keyna
Colin Hubbard was one of the few actors doing live theatre this autumn, appearing in The Grit of Life, for Ha Ha Films.
Colin Hubbard
Teddie Peyton appeared in a public information video for the charity, Advance, who promoteawareness of issues around domestic violence.
Teddie Peyton
Abey Bradbury The Maryland Cookies commercial which Abey was in last year was re-shown in the early months of 2020.
Abey Bradbury