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Riad L Richie is in the 2018 season for the Royal Shakespeare Company, at Stratford, currently appearing in Tambourlaine and Tartuffe.
Riad L Richie
Adam Elliott recently had a big success at the Fringe with the comedy Vincent Price horror play, House on Haunted Hill.
Adam Elliott
Yves Heck will be appearing at London Film Festival for the launch of the Ralph Fiennes movie, The White Crow, about Rudolf Nureyev's defection to the West
Yves Heck
Aimee Keenan is coming to the end of her summer season in the Mediterranean where she has been part of the entertainment team for Live Business.
Aimee Keenan
Ninaz Khodaiji has just completed her tour of the play The March, about the peaceful march to London of the Suffragists after WW1.
Ninaz Khodaiji
Craig White In Ireland, Craig played famous politician Michael Collins, in a site-specific performance at the gaol.
Craig White