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A boutique and friendly theatrical agency, where everyone receives individual attention. Brood was established in 2003. Each year brings new successes for our clients.

There are many agents, just as there are many actors. Finding the right representation is a bit like dating. If you are lucky you meet the right person early on. Sometimes, however, it takes a while to get to the best situation for all parties.

Like any good agency, our clients have achieved success right across the Industry. In our case, from Hollywood movies to Television, Theatre: large scale, Fringe and site specific, Musical Theatre, UK and other international films, TV commercials here and abroad, Radio and Voiceovers, Modelling, Cruises, Touring, Residencies, Opera, you name it.

An agency’s reputation is built on its clients, so choosing the right clients is crucial. We occasionally sign clients straight out of drama school and always welcome applications from established actors. We will usually ask applicants to audition for us before taking the decision to make an offer.

We represent a broad range of talent from many backgrounds, all the drama schools, and some non-drama schools alike. We believe if you have TPF (talent, personality and focus), you could be right for us.

It’s important to remember that show business is a business. If you are thinking of applying to us, we will look at your application in terms of how it is presented and whether we think the Industry needs what you can offer.

Our approach to this Industry is, we hope, down to earth. We care very much about our clients and are proud of their every achievement.



Employers. Do feel free to contact us for a confidential conversation about anyone we look after.

Prospective clients. Please look at our “Join Us” page and apply accordingly.


Yves Heck can be scene in the next series of Call my Agent, the successful French comedy series on Netflix.
Yves Heck
Claudette Williams With not so many films coming out this year, it was good to see The Colour of Spring being released this summer. Claudette shot the movie late last year.  
Claudette Williams
Chris Keyna can be seen playing a Stable groom in a commercial for Paddy Power. Earlier in 2020 Chris appeared in the opera Fidelio at the Royal Opera House. Chris is also a professional voiceover artiste with a home studio - very useful during lockdown.
Chris Keyna
Colin Hubbard was one of the few actors doing live theatre this autumn, appearing in The Grit of Life, for Ha Ha Films.
Colin Hubbard
Teddie Peyton appeared in a public information video for the charity, Advance, who promoteawareness of issues around domestic violence.
Teddie Peyton


At Brood we look for TPF

'Talent … Personality … Focus'.


We often receive calls from prospective clients, asking “if our books are open”. It is our view that an agent should always have their “books”, and eyes (!), open for new talent, so in that respect our “books” are always “open”.

What are we open to?

We welcome applications from working professionals, at any stage of their career.  You can be anything from a fairly recent graduate with not much on your CV, to an established actor with wonderful credits. Sorry, but we do not represent beginners or anyone still in education.

Most applicants come to us either because they have recently left their previous agency or because they are thinking of changing agents.

Many agents know each other personally, but we appreciate the sensitivity of enquiring about new representation, so whether we know your current agent or not, any information you give us will remain in the strictest confidence and you do not need to feel compromised by approaching us.

'I’m not getting auditions with my current agent,' is something we hear quite often. We know all too well how hard it is for an agent to get their clients seen for jobs, so our first recommendation before blaming this on your agent, is for you to look critically at your own Spotlight page. Would you employ you, and why? If your photos and showreel are not excellent, why would someone be interested in you? Is there enough on your CV and do you have enough interesting specialisms for you to be marketable? This is a very competitive business and you should always try and have wow factor in your materials. Bear in mind we've seen almost everything already. Being just OK is not good enough. We want to say 'wow', when we look at an application.

Sadly, there are some “types”, that the Industry just doesn’t require. We won’t take you on if we don't think we could do any better than your previous agent. The prime reason to change agents is if you are sure you will get more work with different representation.

The agreement between an actor and their agent is, in our view, a lot to do with chemistry and trust. We are in this for the long-term with anyone we take on, so only apply to us if you're ready for a serious relationship, because if we 'click', we want it to last between us.



Our clients work across the industry, and can be Presenters, Singers, Dancers, Entertainers, Models or General Celebrities. If you have no acting training, we would expect you to be very strong in your specialist area and to at least have some natural acting talent. We do not represent beginners in any of the above genres. There are specialist agents for all the above, so if you think Brood is a better fit for you, please explain when applying.




Please email us at


Please always email rather than call. Our office is always busy so we would like to read applications properly, rather than have any hurried conversation. We  are unlikely to reply immediately, so be patient if you don't receive a response for a few weeks. It is often the case that an actor will apply to lots of agents simultaneously, then commit themselves to the first one who agrees to take them on. This can often be a mistake. Don't rush into a relationship just because you want to be with someone (anyone)!

If we are interested we will probably ask for an audition first. Ever since Brood started we have auditioned almost every actor we have represented. If you apply to us and we don't already know you, if we ask for a video audition that is a good thing, because it means we like what we have seen so far, and now want to see and hear how you respond to being asked for specific items. If an agent chooses a client without having seen them audition, how do they know how that client behaves in that environment?




Talent, personality and focus, is what is needed.

What does that mean? Of course you must have talent be a success in our Industry, but many people have talent and they don’t have a personality that will carry them through. You should be warm and friendly, sociable, upbeat and have the thick skin of a rhino, because through most of your career you are going to face rejection. A personality is also about likeability. Successful people in show business are often very charming. We always respond to artistes with charm and charisma.

Suppose you have talent and personality. What about the F - focus?

Focus means that your career comes first, before everything. This might make you an unreliable family member, or unfocused at your day job, but by always putting your real career first, no matter how inconvenient it is to other people, you may just get that big break that a competitor misses.

If we are able to call you in for a meeting, as well as your TPF, we will be wondering whether we can sell what you offer. Our first meeting is the best chance we have of seeing how you come across to complete strangers, as you might to any employer. You bring the TPF and we will have a chat about whether you are a good fit for us, and what sort of work we hope we could find for you. A meeting is your chance to ask us any questions. We aren't a scary, high-status agency, so encourage as many questions as you can think of and will answer them as honestly as we can. Of course if you have years of experience in the Industry, you will know your 'product' very well, and you will know what you need from an agent, so we will expect to have an open and frank discussion about what has and has not worked with previous agents to date, and possibly where we could take you from here.



Having read and understood all of the above, if you believe that you are suitable for us to consider as a client, please send us a brief email. Include your phone number. Don’t attach anything, and just provide a clickable link to your up-to-date Spotlight page.

If you are not in Spotlight, wait until they accept you, before sending us your application. If there isn't a Spotlight category for your specialism, please apply and explain.

If your photos or showreel are not already excellent, wait before applying, because we want to see you at your best.

If you are planning on signing with the first agent who offers you a place, before we come back to you, please don't apply. We do not rush this process.

If you are not British please read. The first thing any agent wants to know from an actor applying from abroad, is their visa status. Please give us in your application, the details of the visa which would allow you to work in the UK. Currently (Spring 2020), you must have a British passport or Settled Status in the UK, or international renown, for us to consider you. As the UK is writing the new rules for EU citizens working here, we are not signing any EU passport actors who live outside the UK, until the new arrangements are clear.

Hopefully this all explains exactly what we are looking for.

We are excited to hear from you.



We have all become more focused in recent times, on issues of prejudice. Our industry has been leading the way on diversity in casting for a few years now, but there is never any place for complacency.

It is important to state that if you do not belong to a community which suffers prejudice, you can never completely understand what that prejudice feels like, so when someone tells you they are feeling discriminated against, or when a sensitive situation develops where someone present could be feeling discrimination, always take matters seriously, listen and be supportive.

At Brood, our policy on signing new clients is based simply on whether we think we could find work for them. We deliberately have no policy on choosing a client specifically because they could be seen to be in any minority group, other than aiming to have as wide a variety of types within our roster. If we choose someone as a client it is primarily because of their talent and hopefully their marketability.

If we say that all clients are treated equally, that is not strictly true, because people are people and everyone should be treated as an individual. But what is true is that we are open, fair and honest with everyone and aim to protect and promote all clients with equal energy.

Despite the rhetoric, our industry is not perfect. There are more jobs for men than women, casting is sometimes not open, famous names can be over-exposed and the power to make or break an artiste’s career can lie in the hands of a small number of people, who arguably have too much power.

Brood will continue to do all we can to promote the cause of openness and democracy in our industry so that everyone is considered equally for work, based on talent alone, regardless of where they trained, who represents them and who they are personally connected with. In these very difficult times, all of us have an opportunity to show that we are in it together, whether we are actors, directors, agents, casting directors, or producers. This is the time to be mutually supportive and to give everyone a chance to be heard. That is everyone, without prejudice.

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